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Date Paste (The Perfect Sugar Substitute)

IMG_4768 Spoon in Jar

Dates originate from the Middle Eastern region of the world. They grow in clusters on a date palm tree and their fruit is abundantly sweet with firm meat. There are many different types of dates, Medjools being one of the more popular kinds.  Read more

Italian Cream Cake

IMG_3720 Table Scape 1

Italian cream cake… have you heard of this decadent dessert? Moist, dense vanilla layer cake dotted with chopped pecans and coconut and filled with a creamy frosting chock full of pecans and coconut. This cake is also known as Italian wedding cake. Just the sound of it lures you in.

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Pecan Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting (for Italian Cream Cake)

IMG_3684 Frosting on 1st Cake Layer

Cream cheese frosting is flavorful on its own, but this frosting has two additional flavor punches – pecans and coconut. The chopped pecans are toasted. Toasting nuts brings out the flavorful oils within which add a rich depth to them.  Read more

Dairy-Free Vanilla Cake (and a First Blogiversary)!

IMG_3598 Closeup of Bare Cupcake

When I started this blog one year ago, this week, I had wanted to create a place to teach what I have learned thus far in my baking career. I wanted to share my favorite recipes, both self-created and ones I have found (and love) along this baking journey. Leelabean Bakes has become that very place, thanks to you. A year ago, my very first post went live and I’ve been enjoying sharing with you ever since. I hope this is just the first year of many more to come and I would love to have you along for the ride..! Read more

Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Vanilla Frosting

IMG_3618 Frosted Cupcakes on Tray

This frosting was created to satisfy those who have allergies but still want a sweet finish to their cakes and cupcakes. It has no dairy nor nuts. It, therefore has a very long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature for quite some time.  Read more

Marble Pound Cake

IMG_1771 Full Cake

Sometimes I just can’t decide whether I want chocolate or vanilla. Sometimes I want a fancy random pattern swirling through my cake. Either way, this cake fits these criteria. Marble cake has been around forever and it’s no wonder why. This cake is innately beautiful and satisfies vanilla and chocolate lovers, alike. Read more

Vanilla Bean American Buttercream

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White Cake, Three Ways!

IMG_8677 Spoon in Cupcake

White cake is essentially a vanilla cake comprised of only egg whites rather than complete eggs. The yolk from eggs is the main factor in a yellow cake’s color. Therefore, eliminating the yolks will produce a whiter result. White cakes tend to be fluffy and lighter than yellow cakes and sometimes are infused with a light almond flavor. They are ideal birthday cakes. They also happen to be excellent vehicles for color, sprinkles (confetti cake), and mini chocolate chips (chocolate chip cake).

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Simply Delicious All-Purpose Yellow Cake

IMG_7946 Cupcake in Foreground

In my previous post, Cakes 101 – A Summary, I go through the types of cakes and what sets them apart from one another. Check it out as it provides a background to the world of cakes. This yellow cake recipe is one I created having tried dozens of yellow cake recipes in my baking years. The work is minimal and the results are always reliable – a moist yellow cake that is flavored with butter but gets an added moistness factor that increases its shelf life by a few days. This results from the addition of 2 T of oil. It’s not much, but it’s enough to warrant a moister cake and it is a must if you want the flavor and richness of butter but with a little more by way of moisture. Think of it as the best of both worlds.

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