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Brown Sugar Cake

IMG_3951 Top View Cupcakes

Brown sugar is sugar that contains molasses. Molasses is a byproduct derived from the process of turning sugarcane to the refined granulated sugar that we buy in grocery stores. It is thick and syrupy and has a very concentrated flavor. When added to granulated sugar, brown sugar is formed. Varying the ratio of molasses to sugar allows for either light brown or dark brown sugar, both of which are key ingredients in baking. The molasses gives brown sugar a distinct, robust flavor which is a wonderful addition to baked goods. Read more

Dairy-Free, Nut-Free Vanilla Frosting

IMG_3618 Frosted Cupcakes on Tray

This frosting was created to satisfy those who have allergies but still want a sweet finish to their cakes and cupcakes. It has no dairy nor nuts. It, therefore has a very long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature for quite some time.  Read more

Applesauce Spice Cake

(Sorry, guys, I had a little hiccup with my post going public before I was ready.. Here it is, finalized and ready for your viewing..)

Full Cupcake in Foreground

Apples are a great fruit to bake with. Their slight tart taste is welcome in such desserts as cakes and pies. Applesauce, too, is a useful baking ingredient adding moisture to cakes and cookies while keep them low in fat.   Read more

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache

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Smooth, Lush Cream Cheese Frosting (Peanut Butter & Nutella Variations)

IMG_9205 Cross Section 1

Cream cheese frosting, not unlike a lot of American frostings, is made with confectioner’s sugar. Confectioner’s sugar, also knows as powdered sugar and 10x (indicating the finer crystals) usually contains a bit of cornstarch to improve the consistency and prevent caking that may occur.

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Italian Meringue Frosting

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Traditional Red Velvet Cake

IMG_8488 Fork in Cake

I do hope you have been trying out my recipes and enjoying them as much as I do over the past few weeks since the inception of this blog. The yellow cake, chocolate cake, and carrot cake are very useful recipes to have as a baker.

IMG_8478 Top View Cake and Piece

This week, we move on to another essential in a baker’s repertoire – the red velvet cake. This cake, its origins shrouded in mystery, is quite unlike any other cake. Its name comes from the color the cake would turn when the acidic ingredients reacted with the cocoa. Specifically, the pigment in cocoa, anthocyanin reacts to the buttermilk and vinegar, which are acids present in red velvet cake, making the cake red in hue.
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Cooked Flour Frosting

IMG_8487 Top View Cake

****I have posted an updated version of this delicious frosting. It eliminates any chance of lumps and bumps or graininess in your final product. You must try my Even Better Cooked Flour Frosting!! Click here to check it out!**** Read more

Velvety Smooth Cream Cheese Frosting

IMG_8272 Finished Cake

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Chocolate Ganache Frosting

IMG_8054 Ganache Plopped Atop Cupcake

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