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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites (V)

IMG_5154 Bitten Chocolate Bite in Hand

Sometimes you need a quick fix. Sometimes you don’t want to turn on the oven or get your Kitchenaid mixer going. Sometimes you don’t want to let your fridge-cold butter come to room temperature. Sometimes… baking is not the only way to dessert.  Read more

Best-EVER Banana Bread!

IMG_4518 Full Frosted Loaf

Happy Summer!

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Life caught me in its whirlwind and as July begins, I finally have time to post again. 

In this week’s post, I am sharing a favorite banana bread recipe of mine. For a long time, I have been searching for the perfect banana bread. I have tried so many recipes but something, that je ne sais quoi, always seemed to be missing. Traditional banana breads are delicious, please don’t get me wrong, but when I think of bananas and how I enjoy them most, they are always paired with a complimentary flavor – bananas and peanut butter, bananas and chocolate, bananas and oatmeal… Read more

Brown Sugar Cake

IMG_3951 Top View Cupcakes

Brown sugar is sugar that contains molasses. Molasses is a byproduct derived from the process of turning sugarcane to the refined granulated sugar that we buy in grocery stores. It is thick and syrupy and has a very concentrated flavor. When added to granulated sugar, brown sugar is formed. Varying the ratio of molasses to sugar allows for either light brown or dark brown sugar, both of which are key ingredients in baking. The molasses gives brown sugar a distinct, robust flavor which is a wonderful addition to baked goods. Read more

Zucchini Cake

IMG_1711 Closeup of Cake Inside

Zucchinis (known in certain parts of the world as courgettes) are a very popular member of the squash family. Contrary to what we believe, zucchini as we prepare and consume it is actually a fruit which has not yet reached maturity. Zucchini plants have both male and female blossoms. These pretty yellow blossoms can also be eaten and are usually breaded and fried. Zucchini fruit only grows from the female flower on the plant. Read more

Mint Chocolate Chip American Buttercream

IMG_1250 Closeup Avocado Cake Read more

“Chocolate Chip Cookie” Cake

IMG_0716 Closeup PB Cupcake

I first met this unforgettable cake about 4 years ago when I purchased the book Cupcakes! by Elinor Klivans. This was one of the first cookbooks I had bought when I was starting to hone my baking skills. The recipes in this book are really straightforward and simple to follow and the results are always yummy cupcakes! Read more