About Leelabean

Hi! I’m Leela and I’m the baker behind the Leelabean Cakes blog since its inception in June 2011. On a whim, at age 27 and trying to find myself after having been an adult for a few years, I decided to throw myself into baking and dreamed that it would be my calling. No such luck. After about 1/2 a year of persistence and consistent failures in the kitchen, I called it quits, regretfully and began a search for another lifelong love. After dabbling in a few other things and then having two children, I felt the need to revisit this baking thing and determinedly get it right. I didn’t want to have to rely on store-bought cakes and cookies. I felt goodies would be much less processed and better for my kids if I learned to bake them myself. Plus, how cool would it be, I thought, to create my own kids’ themed birthday cakes??! So I started learning. I poured my leftover energies (that is, what’s left at the end of the day as a mom of two) into cookbooks and cooking shows. The internet, too, became a steady stream of information on the scientific foundations of baking. I started with basic recipes and success after success, with a few acceptable failures along the way, I worked my way through the ins and outs of baking and desserts. Along the way, as I somehow always knew I would, I fell in love with it.

After having successfully baked for my family and others for the past 5 years as well as founding Leelabean Cakes, I wanted to start a blog that was solely devoted to teaching my readers all about baking. I present to you Leelabean Bakes! It’s my goal to provide to you, my readers, with a compendium of notes, tips, and sweet recipes – Baking 101, shall we say.

I hope you join me on this exciting baking adventure and I welcome any and all questions pertaining to baking, desserts, and anything of sweet origins…

Please contact me at Leela@leelabeanbakes.com regarding any baking questions you may have.

Sweetly ♥ Yours,