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Peanut Butter Cake

IMG_2619 Cake with Slice on Plate

Peanut butter is the quintessential American food. It’s made by roasting peanuts and grinding them into a smooth paste. Peanut butter is delicious in sandwiches – both with jelly or banana (one of my favorites). It is also is a great baking ingredient, adding tons of peanutty flavor to cookies and cakes, ganaches and frostings. Read more

Pumpkin Cake

IMG_2385 Close Up 3

Pumpkins are a type of squash that are native to North America. Their flesh, along with their seeds and even flowers, are edible and used in a variety of cooking applications, both sweet and savory. They are very high in vitamin A, making them a healthy, as well as a tasty ingredient. In the United States, pumpkins are most popular around Fall, being used decoratively as well as in recipes for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.  Read more