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Pistachio (or any Nut!) Cake

IMG_1924 Top View Platter of Cupcakes

Nuts add great flavor and texture to baked goods. In the recipe I have included below, nuts used in this cake are subtly represented and showcased even further by the choice of add-in flavors and frostings. There are so many different nuts that the possibilities are endless! Read more

Marble Pound Cake

IMG_1771 Full Cake

Sometimes I just can’t decide whether I want chocolate or vanilla. Sometimes I want a fancy random pattern swirling through my cake. Either way, this cake fits these criteria. Marble cake has been around forever and it’s no wonder why. This cake is innately beautiful and satisfies vanilla and chocolate lovers, alike. Read more

Zucchini Cake

IMG_1711 Closeup of Cake Inside

Zucchinis (known in certain parts of the world as courgettes) are a very popular member of the squash family. Contrary to what we believe, zucchini as we prepare and consume it is actually a fruit which has not yet reached maturity. Zucchini plants have both male and female blossoms. These pretty yellow blossoms can also be eaten and are usually breaded and fried. Zucchini fruit only grows from the female flower on the plant. Read more