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Scrumptious Carrot Cake

IMG_8300 Slice with Piece on Fork & Cake in Background

Carrot cake is a cake, known as a quick bread, with grated carrot dispersed throughout the batter. Quick breads are cakes or breads that do not require yeast, hence they make for a quicker preparation. During the baking process, the grated carrot cooks, softens and moistens the cake, imparting a slight carrot-y taste to it. It’s such a beautiful cake, really, because as simple as it comes together, its flavor and appeal are rich and special.

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Velvety Smooth Cream Cheese Frosting

IMG_8272 Finished Cake

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Dark & Decadent Chocolate Cake

IMG_8097 Frosted Cupcakes in Pan a

Last week, in my first post of this blog, I wrote about yellow cake. Its versatility and value in baking are second to none.  But there is another cake that enjoys quite a high status as well in the baking world. It’s none other than chocolate cake. In fact, this cake may be more loved than yellow cake. Chocolate or vanilla? Which are you? Personally I’m chocolate, by a landslide, so I’m very excited about this week’s post!

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Chocolate Ganache Frosting

IMG_8054 Ganache Plopped Atop Cupcake

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Simply Delicious All-Purpose Yellow Cake

IMG_7946 Cupcake in Foreground

In my previous post, Cakes 101 – A Summary, I go through the types of cakes and what sets them apart from one another. Check it out as it provides a background to the world of cakes. This yellow cake recipe is one I created having tried dozens of yellow cake recipes in my baking years. The work is minimal and the results are always reliable – a moist yellow cake that is flavored with butter but gets an added moistness factor that increases its shelf life by a few days. This results from the addition of 2 T of oil. It’s not much, but it’s enough to warrant a moister cake and it is a must if you want the flavor and richness of butter but with a little more by way of moisture. Think of it as the best of both worlds.

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Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

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Cakes 101 – A Summary

When thinking of baking, nothing is more representative of the topic than cakes. Wonderfully moist, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness, a frosted multilayer cake sitting on your counter pitting you against your self-control, a plain warm coffee cake served with a favorite steamy beverage on a cold winter’s day. Even healthy-ish cakes (as I like to think of them) are a welcome choice in such flavors as carrot or zucchini, apple or banana. It’s hard to turn down a slice, I find. And when you have a cake around, quite honestly, you shouldn’t. You should embrace it in all its glory. Which begs the question: How do you make a cake that is worthy of such desire and craving? First, a briefing on the three primary types of cake.
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Welcome to my new page!

Hello everybody! I’d love to welcome you to my new informative baking page – chock full of important information, recipes, and helpful tips to successfully learn the satisfying art of baking!

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